LAPTOP everywhere is Freedom, but also is dangerous

1. Connecting to public wifi

Today you can connect to public wifi almost everywhere: Coffe shop, airport, hotel, coworking …...

Coworking space

In 2017 more than 600Million people in the world were victims of cyber-attack when using public wifi.

Man-in-the-Middle, compromised hotspots … lots of opportunities to be hacked connecting to public hotspots

2. Connecting USB Pen to your Laptop

stick from a friend, a costumer … to copy summer pics, Presentation


The USB Pen you are connecting to your laptop can maybe not only store pictures, Presentations …

but maybe can bring one of that Millions of Malwares can be deployed with USB Pen.

3. Transport private information

Sometimes we bring with us “sensitive data” : personal pics, professional secrets …

Transport private information

Even if USB Pen is encrypted, what happens if lost or stolen? Is the person finding it able to access to the information … big stress

Privacy MUST be considered ALL the time,

Privacy is NOT an option and each second YOU can be compromised

AllPriv logo

devpriv protect

LPS (Laptop Personal Shield) is the DEVPRIV solution

An elegant piece of hardware fixed behind your laptop screen

Just Plug it, open navigator, connect it to the WIFI : your communication is SAFE

1.- LPS is connects to public wifi, detecting if any danger before give internet connection to laptop

2.- Plug an USB Pen unsafe to LPS. LPS will act as airlock, protecting from malwares & viruses…

3.- Transport personal data : Hard encryption, Blockchain and auto-destruction if tempered…

Our Solution Is issued from military Technology, a multi-patented solution delivering a hi-level protection for your digital live on the go.

The LPS is a full server room in your hand, embedding Blockchain and AI working only for your security .

DevPriv logo is the consumer branch of ALLPRIV.

For Government, ARMY, CORPORATION, FINTECH visit AllPriv logo


Web summit 2019

Web summit : Lisbon, November 5-8, 2018


CES Las Vegas, January 8-11,2019

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Award : CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category